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Mardan Feyzullayev

Mardan Feyzullayev, a resident of Shamaxi, has been engaged in beekeeping for many years. He had hoped to expand his business by creating a small workshop where he can make his own boxes for beekeeping. When he needed financing, he decided to apply to FINCA for a loan in order to open his workshop to make more boxes.

Latest Stories

Tamilla Hidayatova

Tamila Hidayatova, a resident of Guenshli village in Shabran, is selling yogurt and this way she tries to improve her family’s standard of living. Before that she was a homemaker doing jobs in the yard when one day she had an idea how to help her family by earning extra money.

Adisey Poladov

Adisey Poladov, a resident of Gusar’s settlement Samur, is producing furniture items in his personal workshop. His handmade furniture can be found in many the houses of many families living in this settlement.

Aslan Osmanov

It was one Sunday morning. Resident of Sumgayit city Aslan woke up early as usual. Unlike other days he couldn’t get on his feet that morning. Thus, 9 days prior to that morning he broke his leg during unloading freight from truck by falling into the pit on the ground left by wheels.

Elshen Cahangirov_Sumqayit1

Elshan Cahangirov

Elshan Cahangirov is engaged in trade of fruit and vegetables in “Goods bazaar” at Sumgayit city. He mainly whole selling here imported vegetables from Russia and Iran. One day Elshan decides to expand his business and receives the proposal from Iran to import a larger amount of vegetables into the country.

Akif Amanov

Akif Amanov, 48, was running a small bicycle repair shop in Jalilabad, a southern region of Azerbaijan, before he met with FINCA. He had wished to open a small shop where he could sell bicycles as well as continue his repair work but he had difficulties accessing financial services from traditional banks in the area.

Ulviyya Aliyeva

Like many women in the regions, Ulviyya Aliyeva, was unemployed despite searching for a job for several years. Having no result in her job search, she decided to give beauty services (hairdressing, make-up) to ladies at in their homes. Years later, with her limited savings she decided to open her own beauty salon in her hometown of Masalli.

Babek Babayev

Babek says that all FINCA Azerbaijan staff is the mediators of the success for thousands of people like him. According him FINCA Azerbaijan is the first credit organization to trust for the people who are professional in their businesses and want to get more success.

Sarmaya Kahramanova

According to Sarmaya’s opinion the loan she took from FINCA has helped her to believe to her abilities and it is one of the most right decisions for developing her business.

Marifat Alikhasanova

Marifat living with establishing own plant-growing business, heard news about FINCA’s easy and affordable loan products from the other residents living in the same village. Once she decided to visit FINCA’s Lencoran branch with her husband and residents in order to get information about the loan and rules of getting it. Marifat was satisfied with the variety, simplicity and suitability the loan products.

Aybaniz Nuriyeva

She spent her first loan on the house repaire and purchase of new products. “I feel a sense of gratitude towards FINCA Azerbaijan for the positive emotions that bestowed me by entering the renovated house with the pleasant atmosphere after the work”,- Mrs. Aybaniz remembers her first loan.

Agasef Jafarov

Mr.Agasef, who enlarged his business with a loan he took from FINCA, has increased considerably his business’s turnover and the diversification of products. These changes have caused to rise his profit and it also is a reason for increasing life conditions. In addition, Mr.Agasef pays cash to wholesalers for buying products; so wholesalers sale their products cheaper than selling with a debt and this helps to him for decreasing his expenses.

Ali Najafov - FINCA Azerbaijan client

Ali Najafov

Ali Najafov is a small enterpreneur, who engages trade of cattle. He has been already occupied with this business for 20 years. At present, he lives in Nasimi village in Sabirabad. Mr.Ali was in an opinion of buying new cattle for enlarging his business, but he was in need of additional financial resources.

Seyran Orujaliyeva

Mrs.Seyran got FINCA’s loan soon and by the way she had could put in order her business for a short time and begin to develop it. So Mrs.Seyran has increased business places and bought new looms by the use of FINCA’s loans. She is in an opinion of opening new work places and engaging another business field by the drowing in a loans from FINCA again.

Nazaket Ayyubova - FINCA Azerbaijan client

Nazakat Ayyubova

Nazakat Ayyubova of Khirdalan, Azerbaijan, has never believed that success in life is given to you, until she experienced the beauty of FINCA loans.

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